Centrex Rehab: An integrated therapy network

Centrex Rehab is a therapy company and Certified Agency that provides therapy services to diverse clientele in many distinct settings.

A wide range of therapy divisions including Access Solutions, Wheelchair Solutions and Massage Solutions allows Centrex Rehab to meet the unique needs of their clients, partner organizations and caregivers.

Centrex Rehab employs nearly 300 therapists that work at facilities. Centrex Rehab is also starting to develop roots in Iowa, Wisconsin, and Colorado.

Centrex Rehab has an uncompromising focus on quality. As a result therapists are empowered to provide personalized care solutions.

Centrex Rehab philosophy has always been the following:

1.To provide excellent care with great outcomes and documentation to support the care.

2.To provide educational opportunities for therapists to keep them of apprised of changes in theory and methodology.

3. To provide services to meet the ever expanding needs of seniors and other populations served.

4. To provide an environment in which therapists guide our company.