Centrex Rehab Director completes CEEAA course

Posted in Blog at Aug 12, 2013

Laura Drake, Physical Therapist and Rehab Director at York Gardens, successfully completed the Certified Exercise Expert for Aging Adults (CEEAA) course in March 2013. The course is designed to assist the therapist in developing expert clinical decision making skills in applying effective examination and exercise prescription along with measuring effectiveness and outcomes. CEEAA is a blend of didactic and mentored skill development presented over 3 weekends/48 hours of course work.

When asked how the course impacted her practice, Laura responded, “I didn’t appreciate the power we have to impact the quality of life for our client. I have become more focused and precise in my plan of care and I am seeing excellent outcomes. As Physical Therapists, we have such a strong role in assisting our clients to live more fully and independently – PT is a powerful profession!”