“When is Telehealth the Right Option?”, Kristy Brown & Centrex Rehab on McKnight’s Blog

Posted in Blog at Nov 13, 2014

Kristy Brown, CEO, was featured in the McKnight’s Long-Term Care & Assisted Living Blog column “When is Telehealth the Right Option”. An excerpt is included below:

As providers, patients, and payers look for more cost-effective and efficient ways to provide health care, some are turning to telehealth as an option. Telehealth involves using electronic communication to provide healthcare information and services to a remote location. These services can include physical therapy.

Telehealth has developed mostly in rural areas as a response to long distances between patients and providers, but is also being considered in other geographic and clinical settings. It includes telemedicine consultations with physicians and nurses and telerehab consultations with physical, occupational and speech therapists.

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