Centrex Rehab Advocacy Update!

Posted in Blog at Apr 13, 2015

Matt Mesibov, Clinical PT Specialist, led a team of PTs from the MN Physical Therapy Association on April 9th, 2015 to meet with Senator Klobuchar’s staff (Megan Lahr, Deputy Director for Outreach and Operations) to discuss a permanent repeal of the outpatient therapy cap. There is an effort to create an amendment to permanently repeal the therapy cap as part of a larger bill. This larger bill would permanently repeal the SGR which, if not repealed, would create a 21% cut in Medicare B reimbursement.¬†Unfortunately, the senate voted 58-42 in favor and we needed 60 to get the repeal amendment attached to the SGR bill.¬†Strategical advocacy begins again – we will see a repeal of the cap!