“Keeping Your Staff Informed”, Kristy Brown & Centrex Rehab on McKnight’s Blog

Posted in Blog at May 15, 2015

Centrex Rehab’s President/CEO, Kristy Brown, wrote a guest blog featured on McKnight’s Long-Term Care News website. The column, “Keeping Your Staff Informed”, can be read here¬†with an excerpt below.

Unless you haven’t had a health problem-or you have not been to a doctor or healthcare center in ages-you know the healthcare system is changing. You also know America spends an enormous amount of money on health care. To see it decrease, our government is attempting to make changes to allow for better care and better overall health for Americans while lowering costs.

The millions of patients who will benefit from these changes are the most important factor in explaining why this effort began. Proactive healthcare and maintenance will keep people healthier and therefore reduce overall costs. It all sounds relatively easy in theory. Of course, we know it’s not.

The main barrier we all face is how we communicate with and educate our population, which means providing good information to both providers and consumers. If consumers are educated and start looking for the most appropriate medical services, but the provider has not done a good job of educating staff, the system will break down.