Centrex Rehab Adds Fourth Owner BEK LLC

Posted in Blog, Company News at Jun 13, 2017

Centrex Rehab Adds Fourth Owner BEK, LLC to Serve More Older Adults


Since launching in 2012, Centrex Rehab’s mission of providing quality-based services to enhance individuals’ abilities to live their best lives has led to rapid growth. Now, Centrex is being joined by a fourth owner and will increase the number of employees from 420 to 500. New owner BEK, LLC consists of three nonprofits: Bethany Retirement Living, Eventide Senior Living Communities and Knute Nelson, which all serve older adults. BEK will enable Centrex to expand to West Central Minnesota and Fargo, North Dakota.


“Bethany is proud to partner with Centrex Rehab due to their comprehensive approach to care and outstanding resident and patient customer service,” says Bethany Retirement Living CEO Shawn Stuhaug.


“I am extremely honored to be joining with BEK to bring rehabilitation and therapy services to more people in both rural and metropolitan areas,” adds Centrex CEO Kristy Brown. “Adding a new owner is part of our strategic plan to increase the number of people we can serve.” Earlier this year, Centrex Rehab was joined by a third owner, Volunteers of America, and was originally launched by Augustana Care and Ebenezer.


Centrex Rehab’s strategic goals include the following:

  • To be a leader in the rehabilitation field with high customer satisfaction scores and offer at least one new solution to meet clients’ and patients’ needs
  • To be an employer of choice offering competitive salaries and benefits, retaining at least 75% of staff members, score well on staff surveys and offer educational programs for clinical growth and attainment of educational credits several times a year
  • To meet or exceed the annual budget and maximize reimbursement legally and ethically at every community
  • To increase growth internally and externally using social media and marketing strategies


Because BEK offers a continuum of care for older adults involving independent and assisted living, memory care, rehabilitation, day services and more, Centrex Rehab can reach more older adults in need of housing, health care and community-based services than ever before.


Eventide President and CEO Jon Riewer is also looking forward to joining Centrex Rehab. “Eventide is excited to be working with Centrex in the delivery of therapy services for our Fargo-Moorhead and Jamestown communities,” he says. “Through a unique ownership model, this partnership allows us the opportunity to work with one of the best therapy providers in the business, expand our programming, and facilitates a more local voice in the delivery of therapy services.”


“Our mission of ‘enriching lives’ is top of mind when creating a partnership such as this one with Centrex Rehab,” says Knute Nelson President and CEO Mark Anderson. “Their reputation for providing high quality care therapy services and using best practices to do so is why they are the perfect fit for this collaboration, one that will ensure we can continue to enhance the quality of care for the individuals we serve.”


Centrex Rehab is working with BEK to achieve a smooth transition and expects most of BEK’s employees to stay on in their new roles. For more information or to interview Kristy Brown, please contact kbrown@CentrexRehab.com or (952) 495-6001.


About Centrex Rehab


Centrex Rehab provides quality based services to meet individual clients’ needs and enhance their abilities to live their best lives. Clients can find a broad range of therapy solutions for skilled nursing communities, senior housing, assisted living, hospitals, clinics, schools and other venues. As a certified rehabilitation agency, Centrex Rehab delivers a comprehensive approach to care including:

  • Contract provision of full service rehabilitation: management, physical therapy, occupational therapy and speech therapy
  • Staffing/recruiting to fill open positions and meet short-term or long-term staffing needs
  • Management consultation
  • Medicare compliance consultation
  • Home modification services by certified staff to meet individual accessibility needs
  • Cognitive screening/testing to allow for better case management of clients and caregivers
  • Other specialty areas including wheelchair clinics, massage therapy and lymphedema specialists


Centrex Rehab allows providers to maximize efficiencies, reduce administrative costs and assure consistent, quality patient care. To learn more, visit www.centrexrehab.com or call 952-495-6000.


About BEK


BEK, LLC is a company consisting of three nonprofit organizations which serve older adults and offer housing, health care and home health services: Bethany Retirement Living, Eventide Senior Living Communities and Knute Nelson.