Volunteers of America Joins Centrex Rehab as Third Owner

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Centrex Rehab is honored to announce a new development that allows the company to nearly double in size and reach more people who need care than ever before.

As of February 1, 2017, Centrex Rehab has been joined by another owner after Volunteers of America bought into the company. The main factor influencing this decision is how closely aligned the missions of Centrex Rehab and existing owners Augustana Care and Ebenezer are with that of Volunteers of America.

Joining with Volunteers of America strengthens Centrex Rehab’s mission to provide quality based services to meet individual clients’ needs and enhance their abilities to live their best lives. “We’re excited to begin this new journey as we integrate our work into Volunteers of America’s various buildings and entities across multiple states,” adds Brown.

Centrex Rehab is now able to provide services in numerous areas where the national human services provider offers independent living, assisted living and skilled nursing services. “We look forward to the relationship and engagement with Centrex and what it will bring to Volunteers of America in the changing health care world, knowing we will be stronger together,” says Volunteers of America Executive Vice President-Health Care Operations Wayne Olson.

Both organizations are working together to ensure a smooth transition and Brown anticipates that services to clients will continue without interruption. For more information or to interview Kristy Brown, please contact Jenna at or 612-238-8552.


About Centrex Rehab

Centrex Rehab provides quality based services to meet individual clients’ needs and enhance their abilities to live their best lives. Clients can find a broad range of therapy solutions for skilled nursing communities, senior housing, assisted living, hospitals, clinics, schools and other venues. As a certified rehabilitation agency, Centrex Rehab delivers a comprehensive approach to care including:

Contract provision of full service rehabilitation: management, physical therapy, occupational therapy and speech therapy
Staffing/recruiting to fill open positions and meet short-term or long-term staffing needs
Management consultation
Medicare compliance consultation
Home modification services by certified staff to meet individual accessibility needs
Cognitive screening/testing to allow for better case management of clients and caregivers
Other specialty areas including wheelchair clinics, massage therapy and lymphedema specialists
Centrex Rehab allows providers to maximize efficiencies, reduce administrative costs and assure consistent, quality patient care. To learn more, visit or call 952-495-6000.


About Volunteers of America

Volunteers of America is a national, nonprofit, faith-based organization dedicated to helping those in need live healthy, safe and productive lives. Since 1896, our ministry of service has supported and empowered America’s most vulnerable groups, including veterans, seniors, people with disabilities, at-risk youth, men and women returning from prison, homeless individuals and families, those recovering from addictions and many others. Through hundreds of human service programs, including housing and health care, Volunteers of America helps almost 2 million people in over 400 communities. Learn more at

Overly High Expectations Impact on Residents & Therapists on McKnight’s Long Term Care Blog

Posted in Blog at Nov 12, 2015

Kristy Brown, Centrex Rehab’s President & CEO, wrote a guest column for McKnight’s Long-Term Care Blog in November titled “Efficiency and Overly High Expectations Hurt Residents and Therapists”. The column discusses how overly high expectations, especially in regards to billing efficiency, can cause burnout, pressure to make poor choices, and in general diminish quality of patient care and employee satisfaction. An excerpt is below and the full column can be found here.

The higher expectations are for billing efficiency, the greater the chance will be for inappropriate ethical and moral decision making. If a therapist is required to achieve a certain level of efficiency in billing-and knows that if this doesn’t happen, he or she will be reprimanded by a supervisor-a wrong decision can easily be made. More specifically, therapists may feel pushed to make poor choices and allow billing to occur when care hasn’t happened.

Medicare wants to see distinctive, individualized care delivered to all patients. Every single evaluation and treatment should be specific for each individual. Again, if therapists work for a company with high efficiency expectations, the ability to individualize and differentially diagnose and treat could diminish significantly.

“Regulations That Misfire” on McKnight’s Long Term Care Blog

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Kristy Brown, Centrex Rehab’s President & CEO, wrote a guest column for McKnight’s Long-Term Care Blog in August titled “Regulations That Misfire”. The column discusses state regulations that do not work to support the healthcare community’s focus on the Triple Aim through the example of the state survey on Centrex Rehab’s agency status. An excerpt is below and the full column can be found here.

Regulations are a fact of life in the healthcare community – but can too many regulations prevent professionals from delivering on the promise of the Triple Aim? The goals of the Triple Aim are to provide better experiences of care for individuals, improve population health and reduce healthcare costs. That is what my agency expects of therapists and what we expect of management. It is a big part of our strategic plan as well as our business plan.

Then, along comes a state survey of our rehabilitation agency. Agency status allows us to go into sites such as adult day centers and assisted living communities. Once there, we can provide care through Medicare Part B and other payor sources because these care communities are not Medicare certified.
My company has had this agency status since 2002 and made it through all surveys deficiency free. With increased focus on the triple aim, we are attempting to meet the objectives set before us. This recent survey really opened my eyes to the need for regulations to be changed. 

“Keeping Your Staff Informed”, Kristy Brown & Centrex Rehab on McKnight’s Blog

Posted in Blog at May 15, 2015

Centrex Rehab’s President/CEO, Kristy Brown, wrote a guest blog featured on McKnight’s Long-Term Care News website. The column, “Keeping Your Staff Informed”, can be read here with an excerpt below.

Unless you haven’t had a health problem-or you have not been to a doctor or healthcare center in ages-you know the healthcare system is changing. You also know America spends an enormous amount of money on health care. To see it decrease, our government is attempting to make changes to allow for better care and better overall health for Americans while lowering costs.

The millions of patients who will benefit from these changes are the most important factor in explaining why this effort began. Proactive healthcare and maintenance will keep people healthier and therefore reduce overall costs. It all sounds relatively easy in theory. Of course, we know it’s not.

The main barrier we all face is how we communicate with and educate our population, which means providing good information to both providers and consumers. If consumers are educated and start looking for the most appropriate medical services, but the provider has not done a good job of educating staff, the system will break down.

Centrex Rehab Advocacy Update!

Posted in Blog at Apr 13, 2015

Matt Mesibov, Clinical PT Specialist, led a team of PTs from the MN Physical Therapy Association on April 9th, 2015 to meet with Senator Klobuchar’s staff (Megan Lahr, Deputy Director for Outreach and Operations) to discuss a permanent repeal of the outpatient therapy cap. There is an effort to create an amendment to permanently repeal the therapy cap as part of a larger bill. This larger bill would permanently repeal the SGR which, if not repealed, would create a 21% cut in Medicare B reimbursement. Unfortunately, the senate voted 58-42 in favor and we needed 60 to get the repeal amendment attached to the SGR bill. Strategical advocacy begins again – we will see a repeal of the cap!

McKnight News Article Quotes Centrex Rehab’s President & CEO, Kristy Brown

Posted in Blog at Apr 8, 2015

An article in McKnight’s Long Term Care News section featured a quote from Centrex Rehab’s CEO, Kristy Brown. The article is “Reinventing Rehab” by John Andrews and discusses the key areas of focus when establishing a rehab center in a skilled nursing facility including prioritizing functionality over aesthetics, when to replace equipment, and more. Kristy Brown’s quote is below and the full article can be read here.

Specialists from the rehab market have myriad ideas about what skilled nursing facilities should be doing.

While décor and aesthetics play a critical role in attracting prospective residents, their families and referral sources, rehab authorities say the true focus should be functional and not strictly cosmetic.

“Marketing staff and administrators may wish to make the rehab center look more appealing … This is fine as long as therapists are consulted and provided with the most functional tools that offer the best possible results for those who use them,” says Kristy Brown, CEO of Centrex Rehab.

Kristy Brown on McKnight’s Blog, “Advocating For Those Who Need Us”

Posted in Blog at Feb 25, 2015

Kristy Brown, President & CEO of Centrex Rehab, was featured in the McKnight’s Long-Term Care & Assisted Living Blog column “Advocating For Those Who Need Us”. An excerpt can be read below and the full article seen here:

Having been in the therapy field in a variety of settings for almost twenty-five years, the term “Skilled Maintenance Therapy” is quite common to me. When I first started in the field, it was typical to provide therapy for people in skilled nursing facilities who needed to maintain their skills – especially through Medicaid.

As time passed, it seemed the focus of therapy turned more toward sub-acute patients while insurance companies were becoming less inclined to pay for skilled maintenance and in some cases, did not pay at all. It became clear the industry was changing. Because we were asked to treat more patients with increasingly acute needs, I for one, probably became distracted by the new challenges these patients presented.

However, insurance companies continued to make changes, providing coverage for a limited time even for patients in acute care – but only as long as they were making gains from the skilled care provided by therapists…

“When is Telehealth the Right Option?”, Kristy Brown & Centrex Rehab on McKnight’s Blog

Posted in Blog at Nov 13, 2014

Kristy Brown, CEO, was featured in the McKnight’s Long-Term Care & Assisted Living Blog column “When is Telehealth the Right Option”. An excerpt is included below:

As providers, patients, and payers look for more cost-effective and efficient ways to provide health care, some are turning to telehealth as an option. Telehealth involves using electronic communication to provide healthcare information and services to a remote location. These services can include physical therapy.

Telehealth has developed mostly in rural areas as a response to long distances between patients and providers, but is also being considered in other geographic and clinical settings. It includes telemedicine consultations with physicians and nurses and telerehab consultations with physical, occupational and speech therapists.

To read the full article click here.

Minnesota Healthcare News Feature on Exercise for Aging Adults

Posted in Blog at Aug 29, 2014

Debbie Hanka, PT, DPT, GCS, CEEAA, Clinical Program and Education Specialist at Centrex is featured in the most recent edition of Minnesota Healthcare News. The article features information on how to become a certified expert on exercise for aging adults (CEEAA), common conditions that can be addressed by a CEEAA physical therapist, ways to reduce the need for physical therapy as one ages, and more. To read the article click here! The article is featured on pages 10 and 11.

Centrex Rehab on McKnight’s Blog, “Getting Noticed by ACOs”

Posted in Blog at Aug 12, 2014

Centrex Rehab and Kristy Brown, CEO, were featured in the McKnight’s Long-Term Care & Assisted Living Blog column “Getting Noticed by ACOs”. An excerpt is included below:

How do providers position themselves so that ACOs will notice them? My advice is to first become knowledgeable about ACO objectives. Each ACO is trying to determine the best approach to running the organization in an effective manner. This includes looking at health care options for older people that they may not have known about in the past. In fact, accountable care organizations are now required to have much greater understanding of all services used by Medicare recipients.

 Skilled nursing facilities are a prime example. Accountable care organizations, which tend to be based around a hospital system, now need to understand what happens in an SNF, including the costs it generates. Learning about SNFs allows ACOs to determine if an SNF is the best, most cost-effective option for a particular individual.

To read the full article click here.