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Cognitive Performance Test (CPT) 2018 Revised Manual and Practice Model

Wednesday, May 15, 2019 4:00 PM  – 8:00 PM

Bloomington, MN  • Southtown Office Park

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Intended Audience: OT’s

Course Level: Intermediate

Contact Hours: 4

Speaker: Theressa Burns, OTR, is the Occupational Therapist Clinical Specialist at the Minneapolis VA Geriatric Research, Education and Clinical Center (GRECC).

She is the creator and author of the nationally recognized and standardized Cognitive Performance Test (CPT) evaluation.  This evaluation is a standard in the therapy industry as a tool that establishes levels of client competency in the performance of daily life, and cognitive-functional profiles of intervention.

Course Description:

The course presents the neurocognitive base of the Cognitive Performance Test (CPT) and its evidence-based practice model. It includes its use in functional diagnosis, and in predicting capacity for IADL/ADL, independent living, and safety.


  1. Discuss the neurocognitive base of the CPT as a working memory and executive function measure
  2. Discuss DSM 5 cognitive and functional criteria for mild vs. major neurocognitive disorders
  3. Review the Cognitive Performance Test (CPT) 2018 Revised Manual and Practice Model and practice adminstration, scoring and interpreting selected subtasks.
  4. Discuss CPT Profile interventions for IADL, ADL, independent living and safety
  5. Present outcome studies that support the CPT for functional diagnosis and intervention
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