EverActive Wellness Club is a health and wellness model that can be implemented in a variety of settings. Clients or residents become “club members” and have access to wellness programs, fitness classes, health assessments and screenings.

Description of Services

What we offer:
• Evidence based health promotion programs proven safe and effective for older adults
• Certified group exercise instructors with personal training certification/experience
• Fitness/Fall Risk Assessments using STEADI model
• Marketing tools to kick-off program and on-going support
• Collaboration with building owner and facility staff
• Consultation available for equipment recommendations and space design
• Different packages available depending on the needs of the community

EverActive Wellness Club Membership includes:
Weekly group fitness classes
• Free Fitness Assessment using STEADI Fall Risk Assessment
• On-going use of the fitness center (if available at location)


• Safe and enjoyable exercise program
• Improved balance, strength and mobility
• Decreased fall risk and improved overall health
• Increased socialization and well-being from being associated with a group

Community Partners/Building Owners
• On-site amenity that offers a competitive edge
• Opportunity to increase visibility through media, marketing, word of mouth
• Increased retention of current occupants/decreased turn-over of apartments
• Increased resident and family member satisfaction

To learn more about the classes we offer, please visit the National Council on Aging.

Alissa BoroffRonna Rochell, MFA

Director of Fitness Solutions

For more than 30 years, Ronna Rochell has taught fitness, yoga and dance to people of all ages. She is currently the Director of Fitness Solutions at Centrex Rehab. She received her MFA in dance from The University of Illinois. Prior to that she received her BA in psychology from The University of Michigan in Ann Arbor. After performing modern dance professionally in Chicago and Minneapolis, she opened a yoga studio in Minneapolis. All of her life experience gives her unique perspective on the body’s optimal health, expression, and bio-mechanics. She enjoys bringing fitness to the senior population, training experienced instructors, and continuing to develop and grow the EverActive program. For more information regarding EverActive, please contact Ronna at (952) 495-6022 or email rrochell@centrexrehab.com.