“Chair yoga really affects my life in a positive way and I feel more confident. It is so simple, yet profound.”  – HS

“After yoga class, I feel GOOD inside, I feel at peace.” – EJ

“I leave yoga class with a great deal of serenity.” – JF

“My muscles feel so much stronger after chair yoga, and there is no discomfort at all in doing yoga poses. I really reap the benefits” – DL


“Thank you, thank you, thank you. SAIL really helps me. I’ve changed. I’m more energized than before. My circulation is better and I can sleep so much better. I feel lighter. It’s wonderful!” – WC

“Recently, I have more confidence because of exercise.” – DW

“I have a better appetite”


“My daughter is proud of me because my balance is improving. I have gone from using both hands to help support me to using just one hand.” – GF

“Balance class was a wake-up call. I’m going to start using the stairs more often” – CF

“I started doing art again after exercise class. After exercising my body I felt I wanted to exercise my mind.” – TT

“I feel muscles I never knew I had!” – LA


“Since learning tai chi I feel I have a stronger core, and everything feels stronger. It is even easier to do my physical therapy exercises since I have done tai chi.”  – JJ