Massage Solutions specializes in a therapeutic approach to massage and wellness through the use of specific modalities. Massage Therapists create tailored programs in a variety of settings to bring the benefits of massage to clients of all ages and abilities.

There are many physical and psychological benefits to massage therapy, including: increased circulation, better sleep, relief from head and body aches, improved flexibility and decreased depression and anxiety symptoms.

In the last two decades, massage, therapeutic touch and a calming physical presence, have emerged as viable alternatives in dementia care. The agitation and anxiety often experienced by dementia and Alzheimer’s patients may be eased through gentle massage therapy.

Studies have shown that in-home use of slow-stroke massage to the upper body showed a reduction of the physical behaviors such as pacing, wandering and resisting. Researchers have also found that gentle-touch therapy at mealtime improved the patients’ food intake.

Massage Solutions Therapists frequently travel to individual facilities with a massage chair and table to use on-site. As a result, clients enjoy the benefits of massage therapy without having to leave their residence.

For care center residents, the Massage Therapist will provide an in-room massage in a chair (or wheelchair) or lying in a bed, which ever is appropriate and comfortable.

Appointments are typically scheduled through a sign-up sheet posted in a designated location, or a block of time is set aside to meet with each resident in their room.

Massage Solutions is able to accommodate scheduling, marketing and the sign-up process. The Massage Therapists may also do an introductory educational session and provide mini-massages to introduce the program.

RonnaRonna Rochell, MFA
Director of Fitness Solutions

Direct: 952-495-6022

"It feels good and I feel more relaxed and stress-free after a massage. I meditate during the massage and listen to the music. She gets the kinks out of my back and neck."
-Augustana-Minneapolis Resident

"It makes me so relaxed. It relaxes my whole body and I go into another world. If anyone has pain in their body, this is the way to go." 
-Emma Ziemke, Augustana Chapel View Resident