Wheelchair Solutions is a clinic led by Occupational Therapists who provide expert assessment and intervention for clients needing wheelchairs, positioning devices and specialized equipment.

Centrex Rehab Occupational Therapists work closely with clients, the interdisciplinary team, family members and vendors to meet the client’s optimal functional abilities.

Through a series of assessments and technology, therapists will determine the proper positioning for individualized wheelchairs, positioning devices and specialized equipment. Payment eligibility and options are also assessed.

Safety and independent use of equipment in the client’s environment is the highest priority. Pressure mapping technology will assist the Wheelchair Solutions team with making the best determinations. This includes both manual wheelchairs and power mobility devices. Trial equipment is also available to determine best functional outcome.

Therapists work directly with vendors to determine payment eligibility and options. Justification and letters of medical necessity are provided for funding requirements.

Partner clinics use Wheelchair Solutions approximately one time per week, depending on the need of the facility. Through these powerful interactions, the Wheelchair Solutions team is able to provide the most functional and comfortable seating systems for patients.

"The Wheelchair Solutions service combines cutting edge technology with years of clinical expertise to provide high quality and customized care for individuals with wheelchair and power mobility needs."
-Dr. Steven Lockman

"Wow, we didn't know what we didn't have. The new wheelchair has made such a difference."
-Don, Minneapolis