Centrex Field Notes: “Hydration….good for me and good for you”

Posted in Blog, Centrex University at Aug 26, 2013

Everyone knows good hydration is essential all the time but especially in hot and/or humid weather. Your body requires hydration which allows you to think and function at your best. Did you know that adequate hydration is also a key factor in keeping your voice and vocal cords in top notch shape for speaking and communicating? Your vocal cords and the throat in which they are contained consist of many layers of tissue. This tissue loves hydration and requires it. Limiting caffeine and increasing water consumption and electrolytes is a simple way to increase hydration levels in your body which in turn can increase your vocal hygiene and quality of voice for speaking. So, drinking enough water and keeping your body hydrated is a good way to increase your overall function. Here’s to you and your voice….CHEERS!

Centrex Field Notes are articles written or compiled by Centrex Therapists. This article was produced by Tamara Althoff, M.S., CCC-SLP Clinical Speech Pathology Specialist.