Kristy Brown on McKnight’s Blog, “Advocating For Those Who Need Us”

Posted in Blog at Feb 25, 2015

Kristy Brown, President & CEO of Centrex Rehab, was featured in the McKnight’s Long-Term Care & Assisted Living Blog column “Advocating For Those Who Need Us”. An excerpt can be read below and the full article seen here:

Having been in the therapy field in a variety of settings for almost twenty-five years, the term “Skilled Maintenance Therapy” is quite common to me. When I first started in the field, it was typical to provide therapy for people in skilled nursing facilities who needed to maintain their skills – especially through Medicaid.

As time passed, it seemed the focus of therapy turned more toward sub-acute patients while insurance companies were becoming less inclined to pay for skilled maintenance and in some cases, did not pay at all. It became clear the industry was changing. Because we were asked to treat more patients with increasingly acute needs, I for one, probably became distracted by the new challenges these patients presented.

However, insurance companies continued to make changes, providing coverage for a limited time even for patients in acute care – but only as long as they were making gains from the skilled care provided by therapists…