“Regulations That Misfire” on McKnight’s Long Term Care Blog

Posted in Uncategorized at Aug 28, 2015

Kristy Brown, Centrex Rehab’s President & CEO, wrote a guest column for McKnight’s Long-Term Care Blog in August titled “Regulations That Misfire”. The column discusses state regulations that do not work to support the healthcare community’s focus on the Triple Aim through the example of the state survey on Centrex Rehab’s agency status. An excerpt is below and the full column can be found here.

Regulations are a fact of life in the healthcare community – but can too many regulations prevent professionals from delivering on the promise of the Triple Aim? The goals of the Triple Aim are to provide better experiences of care for individuals, improve population health and reduce healthcare costs. That is what my agency expects of therapists and what we expect of management. It is a big part of our strategic plan as well as our business plan.

Then, along comes a state survey of our rehabilitation agency. Agency status allows us to go into sites such as adult day centers and assisted living communities. Once there, we can provide care through Medicare Part B and other payor sources because these care communities are not Medicare certified.
My company has had this agency status since 2002 and made it through all surveys deficiency free. With increased focus on the triple aim, we are attempting to meet the objectives set before us. This recent survey really opened my eyes to the need for regulations to be changed.