Centrex Rehab Employee Katie J. Qualifies for World Championships!

Posted in Blog, Uncategorized at Oct 4, 2017

Centrex Rehab’s very own Katie J., PTA, Anoka, competed in the US Nationals for Triathlon in Olympic Long Distance in Nebraska the weekend of August 12th 2017.  Katie’s finish qualified her for the World Championships in 2018 in the 30-34 age group taking place in Australia!

I was able to catch up with Katie after her competition and she was gracious enough to answer some questions about competing triathlons and her awesome accomplishment.

As someone who has never competed triathlons, my curiosity was greatly peaked about what goes into competing triathlons.  Below are some of the questions I asked Katie.  The font which is italicized are Katie’s answers.

  1. How long have you been a triathlete, and what drew you to competing in triathlons?

    I have been a triathlete for 7 years.  I was a collegiate athlete in soccer and track. After college, I was looking for something to do athletically, and 7 years ago a girlfriend asked if I wanted to do a triathlon. The triathlons give me something to do and train for.   Since that first triathlon, we usually compete in 4 – 5 triathlons together each year.

  2. Was the US Nationals in Nebraska, the first US Nationals you competed in for Olympic distance?

    This year’s US Nationals in Nebraska was the second US Nationals I competed in.  The World championships in Australia in 2018, is the first Worlds I have qualified for.

  3. Of the swimming, biking and running, do you have a favorite?

    Swimming is the most challenging for me as I was not a competitive collegiate swimmer. I also had to relearn how I swam in order to compete in triathlons. Biking and running are something anyone can do.

  4. Do you have a particular training schedule you stick to, or does that vary?

    I do about 4 workouts a week normally, and amp those up 2 – 3 months before a triathlon. Weekends are for long bike rides and runs. Training biking and running together really helps lessen the “jelly legs” you get when you switch from one to another.

  5. Does each course that you compete have a quirk, or all they all pretty similar?

    Each course is roughly.92 miles for swims, 24 – 28 miles for biking and 5-6 miles for running. Training longer distances than what I compete helps in competition. (Officially, Olympic Long Distance Triathlon is composed of a 1500 m swim, 40 k Bike ride, and a 10 K run.)

  6. What are you most excited about in qualifying for the World championships next year in Australia?

    Everything!  The trip to Australia is going to be anniversary trip for my husband and myself. I am going to compete and then spend the next week relaxing and enjoying Australia!

Congratulations Katie and thank you very much in taking the time for the interview!  Centrex Rehab will be rooting for you in the World Championships!

written by Mary Tobias