Cognitive Solutions includes a team of Occupational Therapists, Physical Therapists and Speech-Language Pathologists who have specialized training in cognition and dementia. They work together to assess each aspect of cognition.

Members of the Cognitive Solutions team are responsible for assessing different aspects of cognition.

Once cognitive abilities have been assessed, the Cognitive Solutions team works closely with the client, family, and the interdisciplinary team including the Nurse Practitioner and Doctor to provide the best individualized care plan for the client.

Every Cognitive Solutions therapist has ongoing education by experts in the field of dementia. This includes courses on cognitive assessment, interpretation of those assessments and development of treatment interventions.

centrex-TammyTamara Althoff, MS, CCC-SLP
Clinical Speech-Language Pathologist Specialist

Direct: 952-495-6010

"The overall care of the client is based on results of cognitive testing. As these individuals demonstrate changes, this team re-assesses the situation and modifies the approach that caregivers deliver. This model of care provides for enhanced abilities to communicate and meet the needs of these individuals as they take their journey."
-Cindy Hogan