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Centrex Rehab Advocacy Update!

Posted in Blog at Apr 13, 2015

Matt Mesibov, Clinical PT Specialist, led a team of PTs from the MN Physical Therapy Association on April 9th, 2015 to meet with Senator Klobuchar’s staff (Megan Lahr, Deputy Director for Outreach and Operations) to discuss a permanent repeal of the outpatient therapy cap. There is an effort to create an amendment to permanently repeal the therapy cap as part of a larger bill. This larger bill would permanently repeal the SGR which, if not repealed, would create a 21% cut in Medicare B reimbursement.¬†Unfortunately, the senate voted 58-42 in favor and we needed 60 to get the repeal amendment attached to the SGR bill.¬†Strategical advocacy begins again – we will see a repeal of the cap!

McKnight News Article Quotes Centrex Rehab’s President & CEO, Kristy Brown

Posted in Blog at Apr 8, 2015

An article in McKnight’s Long Term Care News section featured a quote from Centrex Rehab’s CEO, Kristy Brown. The article is “Reinventing Rehab” by John Andrews and discusses the key areas of focus when establishing a rehab center in a skilled nursing facility including prioritizing functionality over aesthetics, when to replace equipment, and more. Kristy Brown’s quote is below and the full article can be read here.

Specialists from the rehab market have myriad ideas about what skilled nursing facilities should be doing.

While décor and aesthetics play a critical role in attracting prospective residents, their families and referral sources, rehab authorities say the true focus should be functional and not strictly cosmetic.

“Marketing staff and administrators may wish to make the rehab center look more appealing … This is fine as long as therapists are consulted and provided with the most functional tools that offer the best possible results for those who use them,” says Kristy Brown, CEO of Centrex Rehab.